Natural Hair Industry Scholarship

As you may know, I am nominated for the 2019 Master Pioneer Award, an honor granted to our nations leading beauty care professionals. This years’ award showcase is featured during the 2019 Natural Hair Industry Convention founded by Susan L. Peterkin. It is both an honor and great pleasure to be presented to the global beauty community as a Master of the Natural Hair Industry.

As a twenty-five year veteran of the industry, I know too well just how important community support really is. I am here today because someone gave me a chance, financed an opportunity, or just spoke life into the future of my creativity and success. Started in the basement (literally), now I’m here...I would love to reach back and bring another sister up with me!

As a nominee, there is no responsibility required, however, I believe this is an opportunity to give back to our community by offering a scholarship for two aspiring beauty professionals from A II Z Academy to attend the convention and awards show in Atlanta, GA. on Nov 2nd & 3rd 2019. Your contribution will also grant me the opportunity to sponsor this phenomenal showcase of talented natural hair professionals, educators, and product developers. Students will attend master classes, participate in seminars and workshops, while learning key principles and concepts to become successful in the beauty industry.

Please consider supporting our collaboration, your donation will make a difference! 

🌟Donate $50 receive Paradise Natural Tee & Raw Beauty Mug

🌟Donate $100 Receive Tee, Mug & Sample product kit

🌟Donate $500 Receive all the the above plus full product kit

🌟Donate $1000 Receive Tee, Mug, full product Kit, sample kit, hair style ($250 value)

Donations can also be sent to $paradisenatural13 via cash app, Zelle paradisenatural13


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