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Sample our bestselling products designed to hydrate, condition and refresh your hair and body!

Employ the LOC Method to loc in moisture while keeping hair and skin conditioned daily.

Liquid: Botanical Refresher

Oil: Golden Shea, Revitalizer

Cream: Tropical Souffle, Juicy Jelly

Includes 2oz Golden Shea, Tropical Souffle and Juicy Jelly.

Directions: After shampoo & condition lightly spritz BOTANICAL REFRESHER to PH balance hair & scalp while maintaining moisturize levels. Apply (your choice depending on hair density) GOLDEN SHEA OR REVITALIZER. Massage throughout hair. Finish with TROPICAL SOUFFLE OR JUICY JELLY and create twists, coils or knots to loc in moisture and set wave pattern for natural styles. 

All products double as body moisturizers and refreshers, with PNC the possibilities are endless! See more detailed info about each product under "shop now"