Now available at LUCKYS Market!

Long awaited and much anticipated, we’ve made our debut in a national store chain which happens to be new to Ohio. LUCKYS is a brand synonymous with The Mustard Seed and Earth Fare. The grocery chain has its origins in Colorado and has stores throughout the Midwest. Natural and organic produce and meats along with herbal supplements and natural beauty care products for the discerning shopper are what you‘ll find in every corner of this quaint, boutique style market. Like the Mustard Seed and Earth Fare, LUCKYS faced financial burdens which threatened to close stores nationwide. Fortunately a Cleveland powerhouse in the grocery market swooped in for a save. Dave’s Market purchased the two Ohio locations in Cleveland and Columbus, giving this popular Midwest chain the financial boost it needed to stabilize during these unprecedented times. 


In as much as LUCKYS needed to be rescued, our brand needed a savior as well. We took a hiatus in order to rebrand and rebuild. At the peak of sales and a close finish with a deal at Wholefoods, we were thrust into the whirlwind of change as Amazon purchased the company and restructured the entire organization. This adversely affected the Wholebody manager in charge of bringing Paradise Natural into Wholefoods. When she left, our deal was gone... And it was time to create a new strategy. As luck would have it, she became the Apothecary manager of LUCKYS and reach out to bring us on board! God is so great!

So now we have our first “official” home in a franchised store, I’m feeling beyond blessed and very optimistic that we will reach more stores and become a familiar name in households across America. 

If you’re in the Cleveland area please stop by LUCKYS Market on West 117th & Clifton Blvd in Lakewood. We appreciate your business! 


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