About Us

Sourced from the earth’s finest natural herbs and healing botanicals, the Paradise Natural line of Beauty Care Essentials are handcrafted products designed with your well being in mind. As a renown natural stylist and holistic hair practitioner with over 25 years of experience, Aziza Yasmine created the Paradise Natural brand to provide the public with authentic natural essentials that are multifunctional and oh so good!

Believing wholeheartedly in holistic beauty care, Aziza formulated a line that contains the finest natural ingredients and preservatives; NO petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial colors or additives, phathlates, propylene glycol, parabens or animal testing. Our products can be used by anyone, no matter your hair texture or skin type there’s something for you! Paradise Natural Creations will hydrate, heal, condition, restore and refresh your body, from head to toe. Formulated with indulgence in mind, after all Natural is GOOD, ENJOY!

With LOVE ~Aziza Yasmine