About Us

          The year 2008 was when it all began. On a quest to source earth's finest natural herbs and healing botanicals, I set out on a mission to explore Asia. My goal was to conduct market research to gather as much information as possible. It was a taxing journey, requiring me to embark upon ten flights and two cruises, traveling by train, bus and cable car, all in under three weeks. My journey began in Hong Kong, here I would meet with global business executives to obtain insight on international business and trade relations. Days later, my travels would lead me to Guangzhou, the industrial manufacturing hub of the region. It was in this city that I would acquire manufacturing and supply chain management skills, an area of success for the Chinese. From Guangzhou I found myself in Dali, a lush ancient-old-town from the Ming dynasty, set amidst the backdrop of magnificent limestone mountains. Dali is home to some of earth's oldest caves, here I would discover natural herbs and botanicals that nourish and heal the body. The richness of plant and mushroom extracts are essential in maintaining youth by strengthening hair, enhancing the quality of skin and providing our bodies with defense against harmful elements within our environments. From Dali there was Kunming, and finally Lijiang, the region where the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau converge. In Lijiang I learned about the silk worm, silk proteins, and of course the history of the Silk Road. My journey would take me to one of the highest peaks, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it is there that I discovered “Chinese medicine” and learned the art of using herbs to heal the body. It was not long after my voyage into Asia that I decided to embark upon my second visit into West Africa. West Africa is known for its rich cultural history but also for its plethora of natural resources. It is here that I’d learn about healing butters like Shea, cocoa and mango. These butters are emollient, vitamin rich, have anti-aging properties and known to heal skin and scalp disorders. The journeys of a lifetime have undoubtedly led to what I believe will be the future of natural beauty essentials.

          The Paradise Natural line of beauty care essentials are handcrafted with the health of your hair and body in mind. The ingredients are tropical botanical, essential vitamins, minerals and lots of LOVE! As a renown natural stylist and holistic health practitioner with over 20 years of experience, Aziza Yasmine created Paradise Natural beauty care essentials to provide the public with authentic natural beauty care products that are multi-purpose. The goal was to develop a line that’s just as refreshing on your hair as it is on your body. Believing wholeheartedly in holistic beauty care, Aziza formulated a line that contains the finest natural ingredients and preservatives. This amazing line contains NO petrochemicals, NO sulfates, NO artificial colors or additives, NO phathlates, NO propylene glycol, NO parabens and NO animal testing. The products can be used by anyone, no matter your hair texture or skin type there’s something for you! Paradise Natural Creations will hydrate, heal, condition, restore and refresh the body, from head to toe. Formulated with indulgence in mind, after all Natural is GOOD, ENJOY!

With LOVE ~Aziza Yasmine