Why Cupuacu butter?

The Amazonian superfruit Cupuaçu (pronounced ku-pu-ah-SU) is one of nature’s most powerful moisturizers. It may not be as well known in the U.S. as Acsi but we believe its moment in the spotlight is coming up fast. The fruit is not only uniquely delicious but it also provides amazing health and skin benefits. Cupuaçu butter's even more popular counterpart, shea butter, is a common ingredient of many moisturizers and creams.

Let’s compare Cupuaçu vs shea butters!

The first major difference between these two moisturizing butters is their origins. They come from different sides of the Atlantic Ocean: Africa vs. South America. In Brazil, the cupuaçu seeds are harvested and processed to extract their oil, which is used to create a thick, soft butter. Shea butter comes from Africa, where the butter is made from nuts that grow on the Karite tree.

But the more important differences between shea and Cupuaçu butters are their effects and what they are made up of.


Cupuaçu Provides Superior Moisturization

The amount of moisture Cupuaçu provides when used in skincare formulas is unmatched. The superfruit has a documented water-retention capacity of 240 percent its own weight! Cupuaçu has been tested in other studies as well; one found that it can provide more than 200 percent more moisture than ingredients like Lanolin and Shea butters. Sorry, shea...


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Cupuaçu butters moisturizing capacity is long-lasting, too. It has been found to keep skin moisturized for up to eight hours after application, and that’s without leaving a heavy or oily residue (but we’ll get into that later). Its hydrophilic properties make it up to four times more effective than shea butter at sealing in moisture. This moisture-rich benefit will help increase your skin’s overall hydration, for improved elasticity, treatment of injury or blemishes, and more. 

As one of nature’s most powerful moisturizers, Cupuaçu is an ideal fit for skincare products. You won’t believe how well it helps to rejuvenate cells, improve elasticity, and smooth and soften your skin, making it look refreshed and youthful.

Additionally, Cupuaçu is a more effective and natural replacement for lanolin in hair care products, offering optimal moisture for your hair as well as your skin.


Cupuaçu Contains Important Nutrients

Shea has high contents of omega fatty acids, which help to moisturize as well as reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines, and enhance SPF protection to prevent damage from UV rays. But it really can’t compare to Cupuaçu for antioxidizing and vitamin content.

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Due to its reputation and nutrient contents, Cupuaçu has been considered 'the king of superfruits' due to its high antioxidant concentration. The superfruit has lots of omega fatty acids and anti-oxidizing polyphenols, in addition to essential vitamins and nutrients such as B vitamins, amino acids, flavanoids, calcium, selenium and at least nine antioxidants including Vitamins A and C. As an added bonus, Cupuaçu provides a protective barrier against UV rays, helping to prevent skin damage due to the sun.

Cupuaçu is Lighter

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One of the perks of Cupuaçu is that it’s much lighter than shea butter. It doesn’t take as long to feel like it’s all soaked into your skin or hair, despite keeping them moisturized for hours after application.  It deeply nourishes dry or brittle hair, and is a highly moisturizing emollient butter for the skin. Many people don’t like the weighted feeling they get when they use shea butter, so Cupuaçu is an excellent alternative.


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